WavesHow we Help our CPA Partners

DPS has always had a strong relationship with CPAs. Having been founded by a CPA firm, DPS continues today to recognize the importance of the TPA/CPA relationship. We typically include our client's external CPA on correspondence concerning plan design, contribution calculations, deposit deadlines and any other issues that might be helpful to the CPA.

The Unique DPS/CPA Work Relationship:

CPAs value our pension expertise

CPAs are encouraged to call us with pension questions, even on non-mutual clients. They know we have research tools that are specific to the pension world and have been known to help CPAs with unusual situations that can arise. During tax season, when CPAs are often strapped for time, many of our CPA partners will reach out to us for both our experience and interpretation of the pension laws.

CPAs appreciate our proven process

CPAs appreciate our proven process and how we proactively deliver all information they need at once. At DPS, we understand the essential requirement of synchronizing contribution calculations with what is ultimately deducted on the business tax return.

CPAs know DPS meets deadlines

And our plans rarely go on extension.