WavesPeace of Mind

With ever-changing government regulations and a long list of responsibilities to keep plans in compliance, the administration of a retirement plan can seem overwhelming. At DPS, dealing with this complexity is our sweet spot. It is our job to know about all changes - both regulatory and within your business. We strive to ask good questions upfront and offer you sound advice if, and when your plan needs to shift to meet these changes.

Your dedicated DPS team wants to provide each plan with timely and accurate service. To achieve that goal annually, DPS will collect all information including the plan census, payroll, and investment data enabling us to prepare your annual plan tax filings, as well as any required compliance testing.

DPS’ proactive approach works to minimize filing extensions and give you peace of mind that your plan is meeting all compliance deadlines with accurate information. We do this, not only because it is our business to help keep your plan in compliance, but we want to erase any worry, so you are able to focus on your business.

Compliance Services at DPS:

Census Reconciliation

DPS collects the plan census annually and reconciles against the company’s payroll register data to ensure compensation is accurate for contribution allocations and testing.

Employee Determination

DPS summarizes annual determinations regarding “Highly Compensated Employees” and “Key Employees” for all required testing.


DPS will conduct the following tests, as needed:

  • 401k and 401(m) non-discrimination testing
  • Coverage tests
  • Top Heavy tests
  • 401(a)(4) testing
  • Annual additions contribution limits
  • Limit on deductible contribution limits
Other Annual Administration Services
  • Plan reconciliation and listing of plan assets
  • Loan summary, if applicable
  • Plan specifications
  • Employee census and contribution reports
  • Account balance statements by participant and money type
  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) report
  • Compliance section with all testing and interpretation of results
  • Signature ready Form 5500-SF, Form 5500 with related schedules and Form 8955-SSA (if applicable)